All About Wellness Drama & Me

My name is Paula Conlan, a mother of three with 17 years’ experience working with children in primary school and performing arts groups. My drama training includes Theatre Studies & Drama for the Classroom with Leinster School of Music & Drama, Drama League of Ireland & VTOS. My wellness training includes Irish Mindfulness Academy, Monash University & Centre of Excellence Teaching Meditation.

I have built up a reputation for professional and valued work. I also bring enthused passion for working with children and their families and relating to them in a professional manner. I have worked with children from junior infants to sixth class, children with special needs and world champion performers. I believe that regardless of their age, background, ability or achievements, that there is an ever-growing need for children to learn the lifelong skills of wellness. Children are naturally very resilient, but I believe that they can all benefit from practicing wellness as it gives them the coping skills to manage our ever changing and challenging world.

Wellness Drama with Paula Conlan has evolved from my years of teaching drama to children combined with my personal interest and my professional training in wellness. I believe that drama is the perfect forum to teach wellness to children. Calm, Creative & Confident Children is designed as a whole school programme to assist teachers in introducing wellness in an interactive, fun and creative way and to encourage students to have a positive mindset.

Calm, Creative & Confident Children is not designed as counselling or therapy, teachers should follow the recommended guidelines if they believe that a student needs professional help.

Calm, Creative & Confident Children addresses these guidelines by combining drama strategies, mindfulness activities and confidence building exercises. Wellness Drama with Paula Conlan will give schools an opportunity to deliver a Whole School Wellness Programme within the guidelines of the Department of Education Wellbeing Policy & Framework.

Calm, Creative & Confident Children aims at supporting teachers to deliver a cross curriculum programme that combines strategies and guidelines from the following:

    ● Drama curriculum for primary schools,

    ● SPHE curriculum for primary schools,

    ● Stay Safe Programme,

    ● Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice

    ● Irish Mindfulness Academy, Wellbeing in Schools.

    ● Monash University, Wellbeing for Peak Performance, Psychology of learning.

    ● Teaching Mindfully, Mindfulness in Schools Project.


The Programme is divided into 4 sections

    ● Junior & Senior Infants

    ● 1st & 2nd Classes

    ● 3rd & 4th Classes

    ● 5th & 6th Classes

The elements of Calm, Creative & Confident Children Wellness Programme

    ● Mindfulness

    ● Gratitude

    ● Act Of Kindness

    ● 5 Senses

    ● Affirmation

    ● Effective Communication


The programme covers all elements of the Drama Curriculum:

    ● Belief

    ● Role & Character

    ● Action

    ● Place

    ● Time

    ● Tension

    ● Significance

    ● Genre


The programme includes all SPHE strands

    ● Myself

    ● Myself & others

    ● Myself & the Wider World


Everyone experiences vulnerability and a need for care at some stage in their journey through life. All children and young people may be vulnerable at different stages of their development and their sense of wellbeing may vary from time to time. Developing, nurturing and sustaining our wellbeing is a lifelong process.