Tips For Using This Progam

    ● The programme is divided into 6 sections and the order is Mindfulness, Gratitude, 5 senses, Act of Kindness, Affirmation & Effective Communication

    ● Click the arrows at the end of the screen to move forward or back

    ● Orange bubbles contain lesson notes & teacher support that gives you background information on each section.

    ● You can decide how long you stay on each section of programme; this will depend on your class and you really must gauge when your students are ready to move on to the next section.

    ● It is recommended to spend time with the 1st section Mindfulness because it is the foundation of our wellness journey and it is important for students to be comfortable with Mindful Bodies & Mindful Breathing before moving on.

    ● Create a calm relaxing space preferably the same time each day so it becomes a habit and the children anticipate what will happen.

    ● Introduce the children to each section by watching the videos and discussing them.

    ● Introduce the children to Mindful body and then repeat this every day using the glitter jars, sitting mindfully until the glitter settles.

    ● Wellness drama group work can be done in the class pods of small groups allowing for minimising group contact.

    ● Practice mindful breathing meditation daily.

    ● Carry out the extra mindful activities.

    ● Use everyday activities to encourage a positive mindset.

    ● Practice wellness so you can lead by example.

    ● To create a whole school wellness experience, have all the classes following the program together and carry out all the extra activities and display the wellness art around the school.

This programe is designed to support teachers in teaching wellness to primary school students, it is not designed to be used as therapy or counselling. It does not replace a diagnosis or medical advice from a healthcare professional who has examined the student and understands their unique needs. If you think an individual needs professional help it is advised that you follow the necessary procedures.